Are you a parent and experience stress, worry, and overwhelm?

Is your self-doubt, lack of focus and follow through sabotaging your job search?

Are you overwhelmed by decision making?

Does stress, worry, and pressure make you feel like you are walking through deep snow? I am offering you some snow shoes!

We break things down, step by step, so stress becomes manageable. It's time to get some relief!

I work with professionals, parents, and adults of all ages struggling with stress, worry, overwhelm, pressure, anxiety, depression, and life.

I work with clients to

  • Be happy and healthy during times of change.
  • Make a career or life change.
  • Thrive as parents in a culture of guilt, pressure, and judgment.
  • Stop worrying and start doing all the things you want to do.
  • Get control of your household. Organizing housework, bills, paper and stuff.
  • Be more patient and less angry with family.