Why I do what I do?

Our society expects Moms to have it all figured out: parenting, career, not doing drop off in your pajamas...but yoga pants are ok?! The reality is, life is messy! Your brain is always on, the house is never clean enough, relationships are messy and take a lot of work. Then there's anxiety. You're freaked out that something bad is going to happen, constantly replaying old conversations in your mind, your shoulders feel cinched, your heart is racing, and you feel sick to your stomach. Yet you manage to keep it all together...sometimes gracefully and sometimes hanging on by a thread.  However, I believe there's more to YOU and I'm determined to help YOU discover it!

How I do what I do?


I'm direct and I like to keep our sessions real. My stress, my anxiety, my bipolar disorder are all on the table. I believe that my openness helps my clients feel safe and comfortable being open about their own struggles. 

How I do what I do?

I want you to rediscover your self-confidence, your worth, yourself. I want you to take your amazing powerful woman self and craft a life that exemplifies who you are, what you want for your present, and your future. We achieve this through exploring new perspectives, learning practical tools for stress and anxiety management, and practicing compassionate accountability. We create an action plan and take steps which will lead you to love who you are and live a life you love.


Who I work with?

I work with Moms who have stress and anxiety who:

  • Never feel like a good enough Mom, spouse/partner, woman, friend
  • Hate, yet are compelled to read, articles like "5 Ways You Are Messing Up Your Kids"
  • Are irritable, impatient, or totally overwhelmed
  • Worry that danger lurks all over (Choking! Vaccines! Allergies! School!)
  • Feel like your "old self" is missing
  • Feel selfish for spending time or money on yourself
  • Feel like expectations from society on mothers are unrealistic
  • Question your parenting decisions 
  • Are worried that other Moms are talking about you or your child
  • Communicate and parent differently than their spouse/partner/coparent
  • Are stressed getting everyone out the door in the morning or into bed at night