Is your self-doubt or disorganization sabotaging your job search?

Does shopping at the grocery store stress you out?

Are you overwhelmed by decision making so you can't get anything done?

Does stress, anxiety, and depression make you feel like you are walking through deep snow? I am offering you some snow shoes!

We break things down step by step so the unmanageable becomes manageable. It's time to get some relief!

I work with professionals, parents, and students struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, and life.

I have worked with clients to

  • Fall asleep/stay asleep when they can't stop thinking (and thinking and thinking).
  • Create a plan to go to and succeed in class when you're feeling anxious.
  • It's too much! Prioritizing housework, bills, paperwork, and stuff.
  • Get back into the workforce.
  • Overcome fear around decision making.
  • Figuring out next steps when living with chronic pain.