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One thing I love about working with Amanda is that she's super positive but still keeps it real. That's part of the reason I look forward to my session with her every week. She goes to the heart of the matter with curiosity not judgment which helped encourage my self-discovery, self-awareness, and new perspectives.

N.B., Asheville, NC, 28

Amanda was great. Her insightfulness helped me overcome recent job anxiety and depression related issues I was experiencing.  Her ability to easily and quickly relate to what I was experiencing made the sessions we had together all the more effective.

T.P., NYC, 55

The pressure society puts on me as a woman and a mother was really getting to me before I met Amanda. I felt like I was holding on by my fingertips just to keep everything together and keep a lid on my anxiety. I was totally overwhelmed. Then with each session that passed I started getting things done that I had been putting off for months and in some cases, years. Amanda has some magical way of making things in life feel possible...and then helping make them happen!

S.G., Beaverton, OR, 44

Amanda is a wonderful, active listener. She suggested a novel way of approaching a relationship causing me a great deal of anxiety by widening my perspective on potential solutions and fueling me to try it.

A.F., Bay Area, 35


I so appreciated your candor, level-headedness and spunk. You are refreshing! 

S.H., Portland, OR, 38