Frequently Asked Questions

“Who do you work with?”


I coach professionals, parents, and adults of all ages who are dealing with stress, worry, and overwhelm. I partner with clients to develop practical tools and coping strategies and to create and pursue goals for their daily lives and future.

“What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?”

You and I both talk. We brainstorm, develop ideas, create plans, and take action. Coaching is an action-oriented process. Our goal is measurable results for your short and long term goals. It centers upon what you want for your life now and what you want for your future. We co-create an action plan and we break it down, one step at a time.

“What’s your approach?”

My hope is that you leave our sessions feeling hopeful, heard, motivated, and empowered. We feel judgment and pressure everyday in our lives. During out sessions there is NO JUDGMENT and NO GUILT. It's about possibilities and positivity.

“How long do you work with clients?”

Lasting growth and change takes time, as does building trust between the coach and client. The goal is for you to take the time to develop the skills that help you manage your challenges independently (not to stay in coaching forever!).  I typically work with clients anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.

“Do you work with clients by phone and Skype?”


Yes! Most of my work is done by phone and Skype. It allows me to help people regardless of where they live and gives me the freedom to work while I travel!

You deserve so much more in your life. Take a step. Invite me along on your journey and we’ll navigate it together!